Calcium Bromide Liquid

To prevent any hazards to the environment, human or living creatures relating to this product, please refer to our Calcium bromide liquid msds. This information will aid in usage of the product in a safe and healthy manner.

Material Safety Data Sheet


Information on Composition of the product:

CAS No.: 7789-41-5
Chloride: 0.5% MAX.
Sulphate: 0.2% MAX.
Calcium Bromide Liquid
Calcium Bromide Liquid

Hazards Identification:

When exposed directly, may lead to eye, skin, and respiratory irritation

First Aid Measures:

Inhalation: If inhaled, move away for inhaling fresh air.

Seek medical attention when any respiratory irritation develops due to inhalation of this chemical.


if comes in contact with skin, wash the contact area. In case irritation persists, seek medical attention.


if the chemical gets in to your eyes, wash your eyes immediately with cool water for minimum 15 minutes. Seek medical attention immediately.


Do not provoke vomiting. Follow Dilution method with a glass or two of milk & water. Seek medical attention immediately.

Toxicological Information

Main course of contact: Eye or skin contact, inhalation.

  • Inhalation: may lead to nose & respiratory tract irritation.
  • Skin Contact: can cause skin irritation. On long term it can lead to skin cancer.
  • Eye Contact: May lead to severe eye irritation.
  • Ingestion:  when ingested may lead to irritation of mouth, throat & stomach.
  • Can also lead to stomach ache, vomiting, nausea, and diarrhea

Storage & handling

  • Storage: Store in a cool, dry place
  • Handling precautions: Avoid direct contact with eyes & skin.
    • Avoid inhalation.
    • Wash hands post usage

Fire Fighting Measures

Appropriate Extinguishing method: use any of the following for extinguishing the fire:

  • Water
  • Fog
  • Carbon dioxide
  • Foam
Calcium Bromide LiquidCalcium Bromide Liquid

Calcium Bromide Liquid 52

We are one of the prominent calcium bromide manufacturers in India.

Our Calcium bromide liquid 52 product has 52 % of calcium bromide by weight in solution. It can be mixed with other chloride and bromine solutions. It offers high thermal as well as chemical stability.

Calcium Bromide Formula

Molecular Formula CaBr2
Calcium Bromide Liquid 52

Yogi Intermediates

Yogi Intermediates formulate very pure and accurate solution of Calcium Bromide which is a chemical compound of calcium and bromine. Our product is incredibly trusted among the dyes companies for their vital chemical formulations due to the quality and purity of our product. We procure supreme quality raw material for formulating our products and the entire process of producing our compound is done under the supervision of expert & experienced professionals.

We are one among the leading calcium bromide supplier in India and also export them to Gulf countries like Bahrain, Oman, Qatar UAE, and Saudi Arabia.


  • Neuroses medication
  • Freezing mixtures
  • As Food preservatives
  • Photography
  • Extinguishing fires
  • Beverage industries
  • Oil Drilling
  • Fire retardants

Specifications :

Molecular Weight  199.90
Cas No. 7789-41-5
Molecular Formula CaBr2
Sr.No. Test Specification
1 Molecular Weight 199.90
2 Cas No.  7789-41-5
3 Appearance Transparent Water White Liquid
4 Molecular Formula CaBr2
5 Purity 52% MIN.
6 Chloride 0.5% MAX.
7 Sulphate 0.2% MAX.
8 Insoluble 0.3% MAX.
9 pH 6to7 in 5% Solution
10 Sp. Gravity 1.70 MIN.
Yogi Intermediates

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