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Yogi intermediates are No.1 Manufacturer ,Supplier of Calcium Bromide Solution Fluid in Ahmedabad. Calcium Bromide Solution Fluid is used as a completion and work over fluid to control wellbore pressures in upstream oil & gas operations. It can be used alone or mixed with calcium chloride and/or zinc/calcium bromide to achieve a clear, solids-free fluid over a wide range of densities and crystallization temperatures.

A completion fluid is a solids-free liquid used to “complete” an oil or gas well. This fluid is used to facilitate final operations prior to initiation of oil and gas production. The fluid is meant to control a well boring activity, should downhole hardware fail, without damaging the producing formation or completion components.

Calcium bromide a Effective Drilling Agent

Calcium bromide (CaBr2) is a completion fluid of 14.2 lbs/gal density. It is non-damaging to the formation, is thermally and chemically stable, can be blended with other solutions containing bromides and chlorides, and it contains 52 percent by weight in solution. In its liquid form, it serves as an excellent drilling mud that helps balance the unstable strata while drilling oil & gas and prevents intrusion of water that may be encountered while drilling on uneven surfaces.

Calcium bromide has a number of useful applications. Used in almost every stage of oil and gas extraction process in ocean wells, it serves as the most effective drilling agent. It can be adjusted to meld seamlessly with the specific characteristics of individual drill holes. It is known to protect the inner surface of the drill lines and can aid in the repair of the inner surfaces of the drill holes, thus preventing the collapse of the rock surfaces.

Application and Uses of Completion Fluid

As one of the most Importance of Oilfield Drilling Fluids, there are a lot of applications of the completion fluid in oil and drilling operations. Some of them are:

  • It facilitates cementing and completion
  • It removes cuttings from the well
  • It helps to suspend and release cuttings
  • It controls corrosion of the pipes and tools
  • It serves as a coolant, lubricant, and provides supports bit and drilling assembly lines
  • It ensures adequate formation evaluation
  • It maintains wellbore stability
  • It transmits hydraulic energy to tools and bit
Calcium Bromide Completion fluid in india

Characteristics of Calcium Bromide Solution

  • Density Control: Calcium bromide completion fluid is valued for its ability to provide high-density brine solutions.
  • Hydraulic Stability: The fluid is hydraulically stable, meaning it maintains its properties even under high-pressure conditions
  • Thermal Stability: Calcium bromide completion fluid exhibits thermal stability, making it suitable for use in high-temperature environments encountered in deep wells.
  • Compatibility: It is compatible with a wide range of reservoir fluids, making it versatile for different well conditions and formations

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