Calcium Bromide - Calcium Bromide Powder

Do You Need High Quality - Cost effective chemicals? Check out our services and chemicals. Yogi Intermediated is a well recognized brand in the chemical industry. We with the combination of innovation and chemistry deliver value-added products to our customers. We are engaged in offering highest quality standards and chemicals to meet the diverse customer expectation. Our main investment is relationship with the customers. We are leading manufacturer of Calcium Bromide in Ahmedabad. We are considered to be leading manufacturer, supplier and exporter of premium quality of Calcium Bromide in diverse grades as fine chemicals.

Calcium Bromide
calcium bromide manufacturer in india

Calcium Bromide

What is meant by Calcium Bromide? Are you thinking of the same, come will let you know about calcium bromide and their uses and why we are engaged in manufacturing the calcium bromide. From the name itself it might know that it is chemical. Yes Calcium Bromide is a chemical compound with the formula CaBr2 (H2O)x. It is an individual compound which includes the anhydrous material, hexahydrates and dehydrates. These white powders dissolve in water and from these solutions crystallize the hexahydrate. Our manufactured Calcium Bromide is widely used as dense aqueous solutions for drilling fluids. Even this Calcium Bromide is also used in neuroses medication, freezing mixtures, food preservatives, and photography and fire retardants.

calcium bromide liquid manufacturer

Calcium Bromide Manufacturer

Yogi Intermediated is a recognized and prominent manufacturer from Ahmedabad engaged in offering huge range of Calcium Bromide. This offered Calcium Bromide is known as calcium salt of hydrotropic acid. It is in a white powder which reacts with water to form the hexahydrate CaBr2. Calcium Bromide is widely used for the preparation of drilling fluids, completion fluids and drilling muds formulations. It is used as an oxidizer for mercury emissions control. It also finds application in the manufacture of mineral water. It is produced by reacting calcium carbonate CaCO_3CaCO3 and calcium oxide with hydrobromic acid.

Calcium Bromide Liquid in India

Backed with the team of industry experience, we are betrothed in offering a finest quality range of Calcium Bromide Liquid, which are widely used in oil drilling industry. This offered Calcium Bromide Liquid has two main applications such as Clear Brine fluids in oil and gas to control wellbore pressure during completion and work over operations and as an oxidizer for mercury emissions control. It is found to be helpful in varied ground such as Pharmaceutical industry wherein in the food and beverage industry, it is used as food preservatives, apart from this one can find its use in freezing mixtures, photography and fire retardants Oil Drilling in Ocean.

Calcium Bromide Completion fluid

Yogi Intermediates is recognized manufacturer, supplier of Calcium Bromide Completion Fluid, which appears to be a white powder in its solid state. These offered Calcium Bromide Completion fluid is found to be useful in diverse fields such as pharmaceutical industry, food industry, and even in other industries. These offered completion fluids are designed to minimize formation damage and control reservoir formation pressures. These fluids are typically prepared with soluble salts for density and blended to certain specifications to take into consideration densities and clarity. These compound chemicals are precisely formulated and processed by our experience professionals utilizing supreme grade basic material and advanced technologies. Besides, we make sure to timely deliver these compound chemicals to our prestigious clients.

Specification of the Calcium Bromide

Molecular Weight 199.90
Cas No. 7789-41-5
Molecular Formula CaBr2
Cas No. 7789-41-5
Appearance Transparent Water White Liquid
Molecular Formula CaBr2
Purity 52% MIN.
Chloride 0.5% MAX.
Sulphate 0.2% MAX.
Insoluble 0.3% MAX.
pH 6to7 in 5% Solution
Sp. Gravity 1.70 MIN.

Calcium Bromide Powder / Calcium Bromide Brine

Yogi intermediates is a well-known firm in the industrial market for offering the finest quality chemical known as Calcium Bromide in powder form, which is primarily used as a completion fluid, stationary liquid and work over fluid. These offered Calcium Bromide Powder is even recognized and well-known as Calcium Bromide Brine and dry calcium chloride to formulate non-damaging fluids. It provides inhibition preventing the hydration and migration of swelling clays. The Calcium Bromide Powder or High Purity Calcium Bromide manufactured by Yogi are sold in all over Countries worldwide and Stands for assurance of quality of all products. These offered chemicals are processed by the mixture of supreme grade chemical compounds with the support of sophisticated machines in compliance with the set industrial standards.

Calcium Bromide Powder / Calcium Bromide Brine is widely used in diverse industries such as chemical, pharmaceutical, agriculture, food processing and many other for different purposes. These chemicals are widely appreciated by our clients for their enormous features such as long shelf life, eco-friendly, and safe to use, precisely processed, balanced composition, purity, non-toxic smell and safe packaging. We export and import these products to the countries like Turkey, Egypt, South Africa, Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Iran, Oman and Dubai.

Calcium Bromide 52%

We are engaged in manufacturing the chemical compound of calcium as well as Bromine in white solid form. We are supplying the calcium bromide 52% in liquid form by procuring the raw materials from reputed suppliers for the formulation of the products. These calcium bromides are used alone or mixed with calcium chloride or zinc or calcium bromide to achieve clear, solid-free fluids over range of densities and crystallization temperatures.

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