2-BromoPropane Manufacturer in Ahmedabad

Chemical compound 2-bromopropane, sometimes referred to as opropyl bromide, is employed in a number of industrial settings. A hydrocarbon gas called propane is brominated as the main manufacturing process for it. Under carefully regulated circumstances, propane and bromine gas react in this procedure. A crucial intermediary in the creation of several organic molecules, such as medicines, agrochemicals, and speciality chemicals, the resultant 2-bromopropane is a colorless liquid with a pleasant scent. Since the purity and uniformity of the product are crucial for the accomplishment of subsequent chemical operations, 2-bromopropane producers normally follow stringent quality control requirements. Additionally, due to the possible risks associated with this substance, safety measures are essential while handling it. Manufacturers are responsible for assuring safe handling and Strorage.

YOGI intermidiates is engaged in manufacturing & supplying of N- Propyl Bromide. It is manufactured under the supervision of skilled professionals who have years of experience in manufacturing of such chemicals. It is generally an organobromine compound.

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